1. Raw materials

Procurement of raw materials the company has always been to the principle of quality first, firmly believe that only high quality raw materials could produce quality products. Thus the vast majority of the use of quality imported raw materials, from the source to ensure product quality. PVC card materials except PVC resin as main raw material, but also the use of 20 kinds of PVC additives to improve processing performance and to ensure product quality.

2. Stabilizer

Where can slow the physical deterioration of materials called stabilizer. In plastics add stabilizer to stop or inhibit the polymer are due to external factors (light, heat, etc.) damage caused by the role. Used in a variety of polymer stabilizer is not exactly the same, according to the role of stabilizers can be divided into heat stabilizer, light stabilizer (UV absorbers, UV quenchers, light shielding, etc.) As well as antioxidants such as.

3. Lubricants

To improve the flow of plastic melt performance of the equipment to reduce or avoid friction and adhesion (adhesion may also be caused by other additives) And improved surface finish and add products of a class known as lubricant additives. On customary lubricants often divided into inside and outside the two categories. Within the lubricant in the polymer has a limited amount of compatibility, a major role is to reduce the internal friction of polymer molecules. Outside the lubricant with the polymer at the end of a very compatible, It can be retained in the plastic surface of the melt, plastics and processing equipment to reduce friction between. Of course, the so-called "inside" and "outside" is not absolute, Some lubricants both inside and outside the two functions.

4. Enhancer

Add make the mechanical properties of polymers have been reinforced to improve the fiber material, known as the enhancer. Increase the amount of enhancer can improve the mechanical properties of plastic, but it will reduce the flow properties of materials.

5. Other additives

Sometimes, in order to make plastic products can meet the special requirements or to facilitate molding, the need to add some other specific additives, mainly to improve the processing performance of processing aids.

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