Technical Process

Calendering has been used for production of PVC film. PVC-resin and kinds of additives, respectively, through precise measurement, enter to mixers for the treatments of mingling. Firstly, the mixture go to high-speed (heating) mixer then through low-speed (cooling) mixer, after well-mixed then put into material funnel. Secondly, passing through the planet and single bolt extruders to certain the materials became plastic like substances, meanwhile discharging the gas. Thirdly, Calender the plastic like substances get past the processes of dragging, drawing, cooling, rolling or sheeting, slitting the PVC sheets to required sizes accordingly, so as to get finished products.

PC-controlled precision weighting system, adapting direct feeding materials, thus the heating processes have been substantially reduced and energy saving at the same time. Calendering system and appended devices are the key factors in increasing the flexibility of producing larger range thickness of the sheets material, meanwhile, having better production capacity, keeping the material sheet level and ensuring the quality of products, eventually.

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