1. Product test

Because of fabrication with PVC calendering the substrate and the country is currently no national standards, and only a small number of foreign companies produce similar products, this company product specifications refer to foreign enterprises, according to the accumulation of measured data to develop Shanghai Enterprise Standard Q / TFOR 1 -2007 as the enterprise standard.

2. The main technical parameters

his standard specifies major technical indicators are: thickness, width, length, square degrees, the surface quality, gloss, roughness (RA and Rz), impurities, fluorescence, tensile degree of strength, tensile impact strength, Vicat softening temperature, add heat shrink rate (1400C, 10min), surface tension and density. One of tensile strength, tensile impact strength, Vicat softening temperature, add heat shrink rate (1400C, 10min), surface tension and density are characteristics of target, square degrees, the surface quality, gloss, roughness (RA and Rz), impurities fluorescence target, such as the applicability of the main embodiment of the printing.

3. Test methods and equipment

Domestic users in order to facilitate testing, the vast majority of adopting international methods, because of introduction of technology, as well as customary industry and other reasons, the roughness parameters and their values defined in accordance with DIN4762; fluorescent and chromatic aberration due to the determination of non-international and domestic standards, according to industry General methods and conditions for testing equipment of the Company, on its own.

① thickness - with a few thousand points marked caliper (accuracy 0.001mm), according to GB / T 6672 regulations.

② length, width, square degrees - vernier caliper (accuracy 0.1mm)

③ gloss - gloss determined by using 850 samples from the incident angle at 2:00 of horizontal, vertical test 2:00.

④ roughness - roughness determined by. Samples obtained from the horizontal at 2:00, 2:00 vertical test, calculating the average.

⑤ fluorescence - light irradiation with ultraviolet lamp Samples.

⑥ tensile strength - with electronic tension machine, according to GB / T 1040.3 regulations.

⑦ Vicat softening temperature - by Vicat heat distortion device, GB 1633 in accordance with the provisions of (A velocity, GB weight, direct composite sample by the original sample).

⑧ add heat shrinkable rate - according to the provisions of 5.5.4 of GB/T15267, conditions for the 1400C * 10min Surface Tension - measured using dyne pen.

⑨ density - according to GB / T 1033 regulations.

4. Target description

① thickness, width, length - the thickness of the card, red card for the influential.

② roughness Ra, Rz - impact on printing, roughness, and easy on the ink, but color printing is not bright; roughness small, it is not easy on ink, slow drying, but the printing color.

③ tensile strength, tensile impact strength - hedge card affect target is too small, the card easily broken; target will increase the cost too much.

④ add heat shrinkable rate - on the laminated body after the card is bent influential.

⑤ fluorescence, whiteness - Product has fluorescence brightness, but can interfere with fluorescence reader devices, and IC cards, SIM card readers interference caused by fluorescence.

⑥ Vicat softening temperature - when laminated reference, the general laminates are Vicat softening point temperature of about 2 to accompany (for SIM card or core layer of water-based pressure on oil should not reference).

⑦ Glossiness - kaki surface reference points, under normal circumstances, the surface gloss of small many dots.

⑧ surface tension - embodies the ink adhesion of the target.

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